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peace among religions is the key to world peace       

Global PeaceWorks is volunteers of many faiths living together while serving a community in need.

"The Global PeaceWorks experience for me was more than international volunteer work – it was a gift, a blessing, a joy. Learning about the religions of the world in India was one thing, learning and living with people of other faiths made it extraordinary..."

Read more from Melissa, a volunteer from
Penn State University, USA

"We live in a world comprising different religions and practices. I always wanted to see them under one roof and observe them closely and see where all of them merge to give rise to a single strand of thought and feeling. I finally got a chance to do all that."

Read the report from child rights advocate
Pinaki Chakraborty of Shillong, India

"We visited temples, mosques and churches and listened to their stories, discussed their beliefs, histories and offered prayers. Harmony could be felt everywhere... 
It was my most meaningful New Year's ever!"

read more from Robert Hu, volunteer from Taiwan

click my photo to learn more about me"As a devout Christian, I never entered any other temples or mosques. Global PeaceWorks inspired me to enter into a Sikh Gurudwara and mosque in New Delhi. And I am happy about it!"

Titus Marella, a Christian lay evangelist from South India, is now friends with the Imam from the local Mosque; the priest from the local Hindu Temple; and several Americans and Europeans.

Read more from Titus and others

"I felt something indescribable. The joy of constructing together, building something together, it’s so marvelous."

Zainab - volunteer
from Mumbai, India

Global PeaceWorks led the
2003 Peace Among Religions project in Delhi, India, learn more about what we did

interfaith peace project in India for Muslims, Hindus, Christians, SIkhs, Baha'isWe are Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Baha'is and others from the United States, Europe, India and other wonderful places.  We live as a family; serve a community in need; visit sacred sites and explore spirituality and religion.

We strive to be a living, serving, loving global model of peace among people of many religions and cultures.

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Principles of Peaceful Leadership



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Join us for the THIRD
Global Peace Works
Peace Among Religions
Project in New Delhi, India

Discover the religions of India, visit temples, mosques and gurudwaras with an interfaith group and serve a community that needs your love and support. Read about our last interfaith project or see some of the volunteers from our last event.  Join our community email list to stay informed or if you already know us, consider applying to our next peace among religions volunteer service project.

see what happened when Hindus and Muslims met in a challenged Indian communityWhen Indian Hindus, Muslims and American Christians met in a struggling community with a history of inter-religious violence in New Delhi, India they looked at each other and... 

click here to see what happened

Global Peace Works interfaith-based projects are enriched by the each volunteer's spiritual tradition.

Whether you are Muslim or Hindu; Christian or Jew; Sikh or Jain; Buddhist or Bahá'í; Mormon, Unificationist or any other new religion; you will learn about other faiths and deepen your own spiritual understanding in our unique international, interfaith, volunteer projects. 

Each volunteer's own faith and spirituality is enriched by this dynamic interfaith experience.

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the 2003 project report   the 2004 project report





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Global Peace Works is an international humanitarian (charity / NGO) organization dedicated to resolving conflicts among religions. Our global religious volunteer program supports the work of the United Nations.  We offer spirituality based service for students leaders e through volunteer service programs abroad in India, our work will soon expand to Iran, Jordan, Palestine, Israel (Middle East). Our programs support charities, NGOs, and religions / religious volunteers. We welcome you to our service projects where we create peace among religions.

Through our spiritually based service, we create Hindu - Muslim harmony and improve Muslim - Christian relations. Our interfaith and interreligious volunteer service projects are for Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Baha'is, Christians, Jews and New Age practitioners.  Our 'volunteer abroad' / 'volunteer overseas' opportunities help people of all faiths discover the beauty and wisdom of all religions - Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity (Catholic, Lutheran, LDS and other Protestant denominations) Judaism, Baha'i Faith, Unificationism and other spiritual paths.